Do you have a zest for exploring new ideas and innovative thoughts? If you do, this scholarship essay writing contest is for you. Put your innovative thinking to the test by producing instinctive and novel ideas that will carve a path to helping us find the next Shakespeare. We are eager to hear your brilliant thoughts and encourage you to enter our contest. You can find details of this in the below sections.

Vision for the essay writing contest

We are looking to explore the innovative minds of today’s youth in the field of Literature and Technology. As every person is different and has their own unique voice, the same can be said for their powerful imagination.

Mission of the essay writing contest

Use BeeStudent scholarship essay contest to demonstrate your talents and bring your imagination to life. Your essay will be evaluated based on innovation, originality and rationality. While we strongly believe that your thoughts, ideas and innovation cannot be measured by prizes, we are offering various options as an incentive to participate and as an acknowledgement of your work.


Our scholarship essay writing competition is open to secondary and tertiary students from various countries across the world. Some of the core topics for the contest include:

Topic 1: The Rise of E-Sports
Examine the growth of electronic sports (e-sports), its impact on traditional sports, and the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Topic 2: The Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence
Delve into the ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies, including bias, privacy, and automation’s impact on jobs.

Topic 3: The Implications of Virtual Reality in Education
Investigate how virtual reality technology can revolutionize learning experiences, enhance engagement, and bridge educational gaps.


Contest Deadline

Submit your completed essay by August 18, 2024 as the announcement for the final results will be done by August 24th, 2024. The winners will be contacted via email and an announcement will be posted on the scholarship page of our website. Our judges’ decision is final and we are unable to accommodate individual essay review requests once the contest is closed.


The top three participants will receive cash prizes according to the following:

  • 1st Prize: $1000
  • 2nd Prize: $800
  • 3rd Prize: $600

Guidelines for BeeStudent scholarship essay competition

  • Your essay should be between 600-800 words, however, we will accept a deviation of 10% of the final word count (not including the title of the essay).
  • Plagiarism will result in a disqualification of your essay and participation in the contest.
  • If direct quotes are used in your essay, ensure that you reference the author’s name as an “in-text” citation.
  • Essays are only accepted in English.
  • The essay must be typed using Microsoft Word and saved as full_name_topic#.doc
  • Submit an MS Word document via email to
  • Put your full name, email address and topic number in the left-hand corner.
  • Do not deviate from the main content.

Jury & Judges

Our judges are comprised of pioneer academics who work at colleges and universities in the United States of America. We hope you exceed expectations and excel in this scholarship essay contest.

Good luck and happy writing!


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August 2022 – August 2023 Winners