Dear participants! Ready your cheers, as the much-anticipated moment is here.

Phrases like gifted, exceptional, inventive, and forward-thinking best capture the essence of this year’s vast pool of essay contest entrants. Our gratitude runs deep for every single submission we’ve received. The entries showcased depth, captivation, allure, and engagement, posing a true challenge for our judges in their selection. However, after thorough deliberation, we are thrilled to spotlight our three top contestants:

Paige Bouchard – awarded $1,000
Tristan Toole – awarded $800
Celia Blackthorn– awarded $600

For memory’s sake, the essay topics were:

Topic 1: How would you classify the study habits?
Topic 2: Describe the effect of a teacher, parent, or friend on your life.
Topic 3: What are the effects of illiteracy? Please describe.

Your dedication to this competition has been commendable, urging you to keep up the momentum.

While the top three positions are occupied, remember, in our eyes, each one of you stands out. Best wishes in all your upcoming ventures, and we eagerly await your participation in our subsequent essay contest.