Dear contestants! Get into a celebratory mode because this is the moment you’ve all been
waiting for.

We will use words like talented, brilliant, creative, and innovative minds to describe the large
number of contestants who have entered our essay writing competition this year.
We are grateful and appreciate all of the entries we have received. They were of high
quality, interesting, appealing, and engaging, making it difficult for our judges to choose the
winners. Nonetheless, after a lengthy evaluation, we have three contestants who have
emerged as the winners, and we are delighted to announce the winners, who are:

Linda Barnes – won $1,000
Tim Cheney – won $800
Joshua Perez – won $600

Just to remind you the topics for the essay writing contest were as follows:

Topic 1: Why is essay writing useful for students? Please explain.

Topic 2: The importance of writing in the workplace. Please explain.

Topic 3: List and briefly describe top 5 books related to one of the following categories: a)
Education, b) Health, c) Business, d) Marketing, or e) Technology.

We are incredibly proud of your efforts in this essay competition, and we encourage you to
continue on this path. We’d like to leave you with two quotes:

“Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.”

“Winning does not always imply being first.”

You may not have finished in the top three, but we want you to know that you are all
winners, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Please feel free to
participate in our next essay competition.