How does your system work?

We have a simplistic and automated system that is user friendly. We have created a system that is easily navigateable by the customer and hence interactive. If you are a new user of there is an order form which you are required to fill out. However, if you already have an account with us then all you need to do is to sign in. As soon as you make the payment for your order it will be assigned to one of our professional writers who will work on it. As soon as the order is completed it will be made available to you to download. You will also be notified through the email that your order has been completed.

What is your customer satisfaction rate? has been in operation for the last few years. Our customer satisfaction rate has been 100% which can be confirmed through reading our customer testimonials. We have thousands of loyal customers who have in the past used our services on a regular basis. Our priority is to ensure our customers are satisfied with the work we do for them and the quality of every single order we deliver.

Do you work on all kinds of academic papers?

We, at, are multifaceted and work on a variety of assignments from high school to college and the university. There are multiple areas in which we specialize such as: book reviews, term papers, essays, lab reports, presentations, statistics projects, movie reviews, case studies, research papers, dissertations, proposals, theses, proposals and any other specific request that you may need worked on.

Who handles my essay?

We are a team of professionals with specializations in a variety of areas (M.A, B.A, M.B.A, and PhD). All the orders you present will be assigned to one of our professional writers with the prerequisite skills to handle your requirements. All our writers are from English native speaking countries with outstanding skills to work on your assignments. The specifications and the academic level of your order will determine who, among our writers, will work on the order.

In case of urgency, how long will it take to complete an order?

As you fill out an order form you will find a timeframe where you are required to fill the time you require the assignment to be completed. The writer handling your order will meet these deadlines accordingly. It is rare for delays to take place as our writers are mindful to ensure customer satisfaction.

How much does it cost for every paper? understands that students run on a very limited budget, hence our prices are customer friendly. They can be afforded by all our customers. For the first time customers, we offer a 20% discount which goes a long way to all our loyal customers. The price of each and every order you make is dependent on the academic level, the type of paper to be written and the urgency of delivery. The amount you pay is however reasonable as you will be guaranteed a quality paper developed by a professional.

Are there discount policies available for your customers?

The answer is yes, we do. We provide very attractive discounts to all our loyal customers. Our discount starts from 5% and goes up to 15% which is the highest discount to our loyal customers. The 15% discount, when attained, will apply onwards when required by the customer. This is however dependent on the orders you make; that is, in every order you make it increases your chances of attaining the maximum amount of discounts. To our first ever customers, we have a discount of 20% to the first order you have ever made with us; this is to encourage you to continue working with us.

Do you provide plagiarism free papers?

Absolutely, our first priority is to ensure originality to all our customers. All our writers understand the importance of originality; hence, all the papers will be written from scratch with original contents. All quotes are properly cited to ensure that there is authenticity to our work. Besides, all orders are run through a plagiarism checker to determine whether the work is original and plagiarism free.

Are revision allowed and will they incur any extra cost?

In our customer satisfaction policy we guarantee free and unlimited revisions until our customers are fully satisfied. If you require a revision to your order, either addition of some content or change of some part of the essay, you are required to send an email telling us where you require the revision done or to submit the ticket at your private area in which the writer will ensure all revision is completed on time.

Do you sell a paper ordered by a different customer?

No, we don’t. It is completely against our policy and also unethical to compromise the integrity of our customers. We highly regard our customers and it is up to our clients to decide what they will do with their essay.

Is there any cost for an outline, title page, bibliography?

No, there isn’t. The outline, title page and bibliography are all provided to our customers without any particular extra cost. The application to all these will be dependent on the defined academic format which will be included upon request.

Do you publish the papers?

No, all the orders you make to us are your sole property and you have the ownership rights to them. We are a reputable college paper writing service and value our customer’s integrity.

Do you do refunds?

Refunds are granted if the paper is not completed or contains irrelevant materials. In other cases revisions are carried out at no extra charge to the customer.

What are the payment methods? accepts credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others. We also accept PayPal. In case of any other method of payment you should contact us to help resolve it.